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Raspberry Pi Zero GPS Track System

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Want to track the current position of a vehicle! You know nothing about GPS tracking system, except necessary computing skills! You think you could get stuck at any point!

Our course is perfect for you no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced programmer. Our seven modules will guide you through the complete process, from introducing you with Raspberry Pi Zero’s latest version to implement your learning experience.   

You will begin with installing the OS, the working principle of the GPS, test whether the GPS module is functioning and the use of Linux commands to access the GPS functionality. Next is the intermediate level; you’ll learn to extract GPS data and fetch GPS coordinates using python. In the final part, you will design your dashboard and get the data from anywhere, so you can track the position of your vehicle using mobile apps or web dashboards.




We assess our learners through quizzes or multiple choice test. This test will be assessed automatically and immediately to give you an instant result.


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Course Curriculum

Getting started with Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Learning Agenda 00:02:00
Introduction to Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless 00:03:00
Raspberry Pi 3 vs Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless 00:06:00
Installation & configuration
Writing Operating System image 00:07:00
Setting WIFI & SSH without monitor 00:03:00
IP Scanner 00:03:00
Auto scanning the IP 00:04:00
Setting static IP address for Raspberry Pi Zero W 00:05:00
Accessing the graphical user interface of the Pi 00:07:00
Testing GPS module
Project concept 00:02:00
Hardware requirements 00:02:00
Hardware requirements list 00:05:00
GPS working principle 00:05:00
Testing the GPS module 00:07:00
Circuit diagram – Testing the GPS module 00:05:00
Linux tool automation & GPSD Installation
Testing GPS module using Raspberry Pi 00:02:00
Circuit diagram – Testing the GPS module using Raspberry Pi 00:05:00
Understanding GPSD 00:02:00
GPSD Installation & Configuration 00:04:00
Starting GPSD on boot 00:03:00
Coding the GPS in Python
Fetching raw data using Python 00:03:00
Real-time demo 00:01:00
Source code – Raw GPS data using Python 00:05:00
Fetching the required data from GPS 00:03:00
Real time demo 00:01:00
Source code – Extracting required GPS data 00:05:00
Building the IOT Dashboard
Understanding IoT and data analytics 00:03:00
IoT dashboard installation and configuration 00:09:00
Source code – Random number generation 00:05:00
Final circuit Diagram 00:05:00
Source code – Sending GPS data to Web Server 00:30:00
Automate Ubigps to start on boot 00:02:00
Real-time demonstration 00:05:00
Source code – Sending GPS data to Web Server 00:30:00
Advanced GPS Data visualization
Understanding alternate IoT dashboard 00:02:00
Account creation & setup 00:01:00
Understanding the Advanced IoT dashboard program 1 00:02:00
Understanding the Advanced IoT dashboard program 2 00:02:00
Required Library installation and program automation 00:04:00
Real-time demonstration 00:05:00
Source code 00:05:00

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