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We Are Your Trusted Source of High-Quality Online Education


At John Academy, you will be able to get the education you need to advance your career. We provide high-quality online courses prepared by industry experts in the relevant field. Our variety of courses will help you identify what you are good at and develop your career skills. With John Academy, you'll learn emerging trends and other professional skills that are in high demand.


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We Are Committed to Making a World of Difference Through E-learning.

John Academy focuses on transforming the online education sector for a better world. We're part of an online learning community made up of lifelong learners like yourself who are always trying to learn more. The courses we offer will guide you and assist you in proving your knowledge. We strive to add value to the lives of our learners through excellent online courses.

The Visionary Leaders of Our Team

Dave S. Crooks


Holly J. Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Anthony L. Mize

Vice President of Content Strategy

Mary J. Watkins

Vice President of Business Development

Eric A. Hernadez

Chief Technology Officer

Elizabeth B. Jones

Vice President of Sales & Customer Success

Darrell A. Tyler

Vice President of Product

We bring learning to people! We teach tomorrow’s skills!

John Academy Features Top-notch Online Courses Made by Industry Experts.

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