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70-640 - Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory

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The 70-640 – Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory course provides the required information that you should know about 70-640: Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory. The course will teach you how to install the Active Directory role, or how to work with Active Directory objects. In the course, you will also learn about the GPOs (Group Policy Adjectives), what Group Policy objects are, restricted Group Policies. You will know to analyze security settings, using the Security Configuration Wizard, deploying software with Group Policy, understanding Group Policy Scope, how Group Policy settings are processed, verifying Group Policy settings, and enabling Auditing.

You will also be able to manage users and groups with the AD, working With Domain Controllers, adding DNS, securing the authentication process, monitoring and supporting AD, planning Active Directory deployment, IDA solutions, and Active Directory Certificate Services.

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Course Curriculum

Installing the Active Directory Role
What is IDA? FREE 00:16:00
How to Install the AD DS Role 00:11:00
Creating a Windows Server 2008 Forest 00:22:00
The New Windows 2008 Server Core 00:09:00
Installing AD DS Server Core 00:02:00
Domain Controller 00:20:00
Working With Active Directory Objects
Working with the MMC 00:19:00
Custom MMC 00:14:00
Working with Objects in Active Directory 00:12:00
How to Search Through Active Directory 00:07:00
Using Active Directory 00:13:00
Securing and Delegating AD Objects 00:12:00
Delegation 00:05:00
Adding Computer Accounts to AD 00:08:00
Organizing AD with Container Objects 00:13:00
Joining the Demo 00:08:00
Working With Computer Objects and Accounts 00:17:00
Recycling the Computer Account 00:01:00
Automating Computer Account Creation 00:08:00
Automating Computer Creation 00:04:00
Understanding GPOs
Using Group Policy 00:04:00
What Are Group Policy Objects 00:21:00
Group Policy 00:05:00
Restricted Group Policies 00:02:00
Restrcted Group 00:03:00
Analyzing Security Settings 00:12:00
Using The Security Configuration Wizard 00:05:00
SCW 00:08:00
Deploying Software with Group Policy 00:10:00
Software Deployment 00:02:00
Understanding Group Policy Scope 00:11:00
How Group Policy Settings are Processed 00:09:00
Group Policy Scope 00:11:00
Verifying Group Policy Settings 00:05:00
Verifying Group Policy 00:03:00
Enabling Auditing 00:13:00
Auditing 00:05:00
Managing Users and Groups with AD
Automating User Account Creation 00:10:00
Automating User Accounts 00:07:00
Working with User Attributes 00:15:00
User Account Administrative Tasks 00:05:00
Supporting User Accounts 00:04:00
Using PowerShell to Create User Accounts 00:09:00
Creating Users with PowerShell 00:07:00
Creation and Management 00:08:00
The Basics of Groups 00:25:00
Managing Group 00:08:00
Best Practices for Using AD Groups 00:08:00
Automating Group Creation 00:05:00
Automating Creation of Groups 00:06:00
Advanced Group Options 00:09:00
Administering Groups 00:05:00
Working With Domain Controllers
Installation Options 00:06:00
How to Install a Domain Controller 00:06:00
Introducing the Operations Masters 00:11:00
Designing Where to Deploy the Operation Masters 00:14:00
FSMO 00:03:00
SYSVOL Replication with DFS 00:02:00
Adding DNS
DNS Basics 00:15:00
DNS Definitions and Terms 00:17:00
DNS 00:05:00
Setting up DNS for the Enterprise 00:09:00
Global Names 00:09:00
Securing the Authentication Process
Password Security Policies 00:15:00
Passwords 00:03:00
Introducing the Read-Only Domain Controller 00:06:00
Installing the RODC 00:05:00
Auditing Authentication Events 00:03:00
Account Logging 00:03:00
Monitoring and Supporting AD
Preparing for Recovery 00:10:00
Active Directory Tools 00:24:00
Monitoring Active Directory Performance 00:11:00
Performance Monitor 00:09:00
Planning Active Directory Deployment
What Are Sites 00:27:00
Deciding on Site Boundaries 00:07:00
Sites and Subnets 00:08:00
Working with Global Catalog Placement with AD Partitions 00:09:00
Controlling Replication Between Sites 00:20:00
Managing the Global Catalog 00:04:00
Configuring AD Trust Relationships 00:32:00
Trusts 00:03:00
Choosing the Domain and Forest Functional Levels 00:07:00
IDA Solutions
Understanding AD FS 00:10:00
Installing AD FS 00:01:00
Configuring and Using AD FS 00:03:00
Understanding AD RMS 00:10:00
Installing AD RMS 00:03:00
Configuring and Using AD RMS 00:07:00
Understanding AD LDS 00:08:00
Installing AD LDS 00:02:00
Installing AD LDS 00:05:00
Configuring and Using AD LDS 00:07:00
Security Review 00:04:00
Active Directory Certificate Services
Understanding AD CS 00:29:00
Installing AD CS 00:02:00
Configuring and Using AD CS 00:08:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam- 70-640 – Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam- 70-640 – Configuring Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory 00:20:00

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