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Want to know the secrets to network hacking? Do you dream of becoming the ultimate script kiddie? If you want to become an ethical hacker, this advanced computer hacking course will teach you how to break into computer systems and networks to gain access to Wi-Fi passwords and much more.

This network hacking course will train you how to identify and exploit weaknesses in computer systems and networks, helping you to outsmart computer security and gain unauthorized access to a computer’s system.  You’ll learn essential password cracking techniques and how to create Trojan horse viruses and other malicious codes. You’ll also familiarise with hacking operating systems and different types of attacks. Additionally, you’ll be trained on how to run attacks on HTTPS websites and write your own Python scripts to implement custom MITM attacks.

This advanced network hacking course is ideal for students who are already familiar with the basics of network hacking. Topics include captive portals, WEP cracking, WPA/WPA2 cracking, evil twin attacks and post-connection attacks.

Benefits you will get

  • Affordable, engaging & premium-quality e-learning study materials
  • Assessment through Tests and Quizzes and instant result
  • Internationally recognized accredited qualification
  • Access to course content on mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere anytime
  • Personalized learning – Learn at your own pace, time and place
  • A vast array of fascinating subjects
  • Regularly updated contents
  • Dedicated support team working 24/7


  • Anyone with any academic background can enroll into this course.
  • A device with an active internet connection


We assess our learners through quizzes or multiple choice test. This test will be assessed automatically and immediately to give you an instant result.


Getting the certificate is easy. After Completion, get the PDF certificate within 24 hours at only $25.99. For the Hard copy, the amount is $40.99 and it will reach to you within 37 working day.


Teaser – Hacking a Windows 10 Computer & Accessing Their Webcam 00:07:00
Course Overview 00:06:00
Back To Basics/Pre-Connection Attacks
Pre-connection Attacks Overview 00:02:00
Spoofing Mac Address Manually 00:04:00
Targeting 5 GHz Networks 00:07:00
Deauthenticating a Client From Protected WiFi Networks 00:07:00
Deauthenticating Multiple Clients From Protected WiFi Networks 00:08:00
Deauthenticating All Clients From Protected WiFi Network 00:06:00
Gaining Access
Gaining Access Overview 00:03:00
Discovering Names of Hidden Networks 00:08:00
Connecting To Hidden Networks 00:05:00
Bypassing Mac Filtering (Blacklists & Whitelists) 00:09:00
Cracking SKA WEP Network 00:09:00
Securing Systems From The Above Attacks 00:03:00
Gaining Access - Captive Portals
Sniffing Captive Portal Login Information In Monitor Mode 00:10:00
Sniffing Captive Portal Login Information Using ARP Spoofing 00:09:00
Creating a Fake Captive Portal – Introduction 00:05:00
Creating Login Page – Cloning a Login Page 00:07:00
Creating Login Page – Fixing Relative Links 00:07:00
Creating Login Page – Adding Form Tag 00:08:00
Creating Login Page – Adding Submit Button 00:07:00
Preparing Computer To Run Fake Captive Portal 00:08:00
Starting The Fake Captive Portal 00:12:00
Redirecting Requests To Captive Portal Login Page 00:12:00
Generating Fake SSL Certificate 00:06:00
Enabling SSL/HTTPS On Webserver 00:08:00
Sniffing & Analysing Login Credentials 00:06:00
Gaining Access - WPA/WPA2 Cracking - Exploiting WPS
Exploiting WPS – Introduction 00:02:00
Bypassing “Failed to associate” Issue 00:08:00
Bypassing 0x3 and 0x4 Errors 00:08:00
WPS Lock – What Is It & How To Bypass It 00:07:00
Unlocking WPS 00:09:00
Gaining Access - WPA/WPA2 Cracking - Advanced Wordlist Attack
Advanced Wordlist Attacks – Introduction 00:02:00
Saving Aircrack-ng Cracking Progress 00:10:00
Using Huge Wordlists With Aircrack-ng Without Wasting Storage 00:08:00
Saving Cracking Progress When Using Huge Wordlists Without Wasting Storage 00:10:00
Cracking WPA/WPA2 Much Faster Using GPU – Part 1 00:07:00
Cracking WPA/WPA2 Much Faster Using GPU – Part 2 00:11:00
Gaining Access - WPA/WPA Cracking - Evil Twin Attack
What is It & How it Works 00:07:00
Installing Needed Software 00:08:00
Stealing WPA/WPA2 Key Using Evil Twin Attack Without Guessing 00:10:00
Debugging & Fixing Login Interface 00:12:00
Gaining Access - WPA/WPA2 Cracking - WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
What is WPA/WPA2 Enterprise & How it Works 00:05:00
How To Hack WPA/WPA2 Enterprise 00:07:00
Stealing Login Credentials 00:08:00
Cracking Login Credentials 00:07:00
Securing Systems From The Above Gaining Access Attacks 00:05:00
Post Connection Attacks
Post Connection Attacks Overview 00:04:00
Ettercap – Basic Overview 00:07:00
Ettercap – ARP Spoofing & Sniffing Sensitive Data Such As Usernames & Passwords 00:10:00