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InDesign CC MasterClass

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Marketing is made easy with a drawing pad. Presentations appeal to a wider audience; you look cool and will sell more!
This InDesign CC MasterClass is all about how to utilize a drawing pad in your day-to-day activities: marketing, presenting, drawing for fun & so much more! Not only will your drawings and writings look a lot better/smoother/crisper, but you’ll also be able to create unique content on-the-fly with what I show you inside. Through the course, you will be able to use a drawing pad and record your movements on video. The course will make you market yourself on the fly. You will learn to create presentations in minutes – not hours.
If you are new on the drawing pad, this course will give you everything you need to know about drawing pad and will make you an expert!

Benefits you will get?

  • Affordable, engaging & premium-quality e-learning study materials
  • Assessment through Tests and Quizzes and instant result
  • Internationally recognized accredited qualification
  • Access to course content on mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere anytime
  • Personalized learning – Learn at your own pace, time and place
  • A vast array of fascinating subjects
  • Regularly updated contents
  • Dedicated support team working 24/7


  • Anyone with any academic background can enroll into this course.
  • A device with an active internet connection


We assess our learners through quizzes or multiple choice test. This test will be assessed automatically and immediately to give you an instant result.


The PDF copy of Certificate of Completion can be claimed at the free of cost. If you need a hardcopy of this certificate, you have to pay an additional payment. The time for PDF certificate turnaround is 24 hours, and for the hardcopy, it is 3-7 working days.

Course Curriculum

Why learn InDesign? FREE 00:02:00
How to study? 00:03:00
Getting an Adobe Certification 00:05:00
Interface 00:12:00
Navigation 00:07:00
Creating a document 00:13:00
Preferences 00:08:00
Adobe Bridge 00:05:00
Exercise Files 01:00:00
Working with Frames
Image Frames 00:11:00
Placing Images 00:10:00
Links panel 00:05:00
Resolution of images 00:07:00
Techniques with Image frames 00:03:00
Text frames 00:08:00
Importing text 00:05:00
Text frame options 00:07:00
Working with Pages
Working with pages 00:10:00
Advanced page techniques 00:11:00
Master pages 00:12:00
Master pages techniques 00:06:00
Formatting Text
Choosing fonts 00:11:00
Character formatting 00:09:00
Paragraph formatting 1 00:09:00
Paragraph formatting 2 00:07:00
Designing the Layout
Lines and Rules 00:08:00
Drawing Shapes 00:09:00
Drawing Tools 00:09:00
Working with Swatches 00:13:00
Special Swatches 00:10:00
Working with Effects 00:08:00
Blend Modes 00:04:00
Grids and Guides 00:09:00
Align and Distribute 00:06:00
Compositional Techniques
Working with Layers 00:14:00
Text Wrap 00:09:00
Advanced Text Wrap techniques 00:07:00
Masking techniques 00:09:00
Anchored and Inline Images 00:06:00
Compositional Tips 00:05:00
Mastering Styles
Introduction to Styles 00:15:00
Paragraph Styles 00:11:00
Object Styles 00:05:00
Next Styles 00:04:00
Nested Styles 00:06:00
Working with Styles 00:06:00
Advanced Text Features
Find/Change and GREP 00:12:00
Fixing common typographic mistakes 00:07:00
Bulleted and Numbered Lists 00:07:00
Multi-level Lists 00:19:00
Footnotes and Captions 00:08:00
Working with Tabs 00:06:00
Creating Tables 00:13:00
Formatting Tables 00:11:00
Data Merge 00:07:00
Handling Assets
InDesign Snippets 00:03:00
InDesign Libraries 00:06:00
Creating Templates 00:03:00
Content Collector/Placer Tool 00:04:00
Sharing assets with CC Libraries 00:06:00
Long Documents
Creating Table of Contents 00:10:00
Table of Contents settings 00:07:00
Text Variables and Markers 00:11:00
Smart Text Reflow 00:07:00
Creating a Book file 00:11:00
Fixing copy and exporting book 00:07:00
Preparing for Print
Proofing Colors 00:12:00
Flatterner Preview 00:04:00
Proofing copy 00:07:00
Exporting a PDF 00:10:00
Saving a Package 00:05:00
Interactive Document Formats
Creating EPUBs 00:04:00
Interactive PDFs 00:05:00
Publish Online CC 00:03:00
New Features in CC 2018
New Size and Position options 00:04:00
Paragraph Border 00:02:00
Endnotes 00:01:00
Text Assets in CC Libraries 00:03:00
Improved Font Selector 00:02:00
CC 2019 New Features
Enhanced visual font browsing 00:04:00
Convert Footnotes & Endnotes 00:02:00
Content-Aware Fit 00:01:00
Adjust Layout 00:03:00
Import PDF Comments 00:02:00
Space Between Paragraphs 00:03:00
Creating Your Portfolio 00:12:00
Conclusion 00:01:00

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