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Course Overview

Leverage social media especially Instagram with 500 million daily users to generate ideas, identify trends, and serve as a strategic compass for your online business initiatives. Take this Instagram Marketing Training to get ready to dive into this tremendous pool of possibilities.

Keep in mind that everything is perpetually updating on social media. What will remain constant is that social media is a collaborative endeavor in which everyone contributes. Use it as an investment of time and resources, and think of new ways to WOW your online audience.

Join today to jumpstart your Instagram business.

Learning Outcomes

Who is this course for?

This Course Is the Perfect Fit for Anyone Who Wants to Start Their Own Business on Instagram. You Can Also Find Work as:

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

— Robert McKee


Instagram Marketing Complete Training
Unit 1: Welcome to the Course 00:06:00
Unit 2: Course Overview 00:07:00
Section 2: Instagram Basics
Instagram Overview 00:05:00
Unit 2: Instagram Facts You Must Know 00:04:00
Unit 3: Best Practices for Instagram 00:03:00
Unit 4: Is Instagram Worth Your Time & Effects 00:04:00
Section 3: Setting Up & Optimising Your Instagram Account
Unit 1: Types of Instagram Accounts 00:00:00
Unit 2: Create an Instagram Account 00:04:00
Unit 3: Converting Personal Account to Business Account 00:04:00
Unit 4: Tips for Choosing the Right Handle or Username 00:06:00
Unit 5: 6 Tips for a Perfect Profile Picture 00:13:00
Unit 6: Uploading the Profile Picture 00:02:00
Unit 7: Optimising Bio with Right Keywords 00:07:00
Unit 8: Optimising Your Instagram Account 00:05:00
Unit 9: How to Add Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio 00:07:00
Unit 10: How to Stay Safe on Instagram? 00:01:00
Unit 11: Task 1: Set Up & Optimise Your Account 00:01:00
Section 4: Important First Steps
Unit 1: 3 Questions Before We Begin 00:06:00
Unit 2: Getting into Instagram Mindset 00:04:00
Unit 3: Following Your Competitors 00:06:00
Unit 4: Finding Accounts to Follow 00:06:00
Unit 5: Download Your Instagram Worksheet 00:01:00
Unit 6: How to Stay Updated with Latest Instagram Trends & Happenings 00:04:00
Unit 7: Task 2: Finding & Following Accounts in Your Niche 00:01:00
Section 5: What to Post on Instagram: Choose Your Content Style
Unit 1: Types of Instagram Content 00:05:00
Unit 2: What to Post on Personal Account 00:06:00
Unit 3: 8 Things You Should Post on Business Account 00:10:00
Unit 4: Re-posting Other People’s Content 00:04:00
Unit 5: Instagram Live 00:02:00
Unit 6: Using Instagram Stories 00:02:00
Unit 7: IGTV 00:04:00
Unit 8: Following Community Guidelines on Instagram 00:01:00
Unit 9: Task 3: Choose the Type of Content 00:01:00
Section 6: Learn to Create Engaging Posts
Unit 1: Image Size & Best Practices for Instagram Success 00:05:00
Unit 2: Clicking Pictures 00:03:00
Unit 3: Tools to Find Free Images for Posts 00:13:00