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Course Overview

Are you an upstart business owner? Take the chance to learn Digital Marketing - For Business to uplift your business profits to the highest level.

Having a digital storefront will make sure your business has an online presence. With billions of people using multiple social media platforms, you can present your service or product to a multitude of people. That’s where our Digital Marketing - For Business course comes in. You can learn brand promotion, follower base creation, and traffic generation with our comprehensive course.

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Learning Outcomes

Who is this course for?

This Course Is Suitable for Digital Marketing Newbies and Young Business Owners Looking to Establish Their Online Presence. You Can Find Many Opportunities in:

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

— Robert McKee


Section 01 - Building a Sales Funnel
Getting Started to Generating Traffic8 00:10:00
Crating a Front end offer8 00:07:00
Creating an Upsell (or 1 time offer)8 00:11:00
Creating a Downsell8 00:06:00
Creating a 2nd and 3rd Upsell8 00:11:00
Creating a Backend Offer8 00:09:00
Sales Funnel (case study)8 00:09:00
How To Write Buyer Follow-Up Emails8 00:15:00
Digital Marketing for Business Owners8 00:05:00
Section 02 - Building a Blog
Introduction to Blogging8 00:04:00
Choosing a Blogging Niche8 00:05:00
Content is King 00:10:00
Adding Video and Images 00:03:00
Social Media 00:03:00
Important Pages 00:02:00
Section 03 - Interview Content
Conversation Content 00:03:00
Value 00:04:00
Guest 00:08:00
Repurpose 00:06:00
Conducting Interviews 00:05:00
After the Interview 00:03:00
Section 04 - Social Media Marketing
Introduction to Social Media 00:04:00
Social Media Best Practices 00:07:00
Twitter 00:05:00
Pinterest 00:06:00
Facebook 00:07:00
Instagram 00:04:00
LinkedIn 00:03:00
Google Plus 00:02:00
YouTube 00:03:00
Live Streaming 00:03:00
Conclusion to Social Media 00:02:00
Section 05 - Affiliate Marketing
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing 00:04:00
Getting Started with Website Marketing Strategies 00:02:00
Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Strategies 00:02:00
Getting Started with Website Marketing Strategies 00:02:00
Getting Started Building an Email List 00:03:00
Section 06 - Clickbank
Clickbank Gravity Score 00:03:00
Clickbank Vendor Sales Pages 00:03:00
Clickbank Commissions and Continuity 00:03:00
Section 07 - Email Marketing
Introduction 00:04:00
Challenges of Email Marketing 00:08:00
Content Marketing 00:04:00
Valuable Content 00:07:00
Email Standards 00:05:00
Email Spam Filter 00:07:00
Keep Email Clean 00:04:00
Lead Generation 00:05:00
AIDA 00:07:00
Conclusion to Email 00:02:00
Email Marketing (final) 00:51:00
Section 08 - Building a Podcast
Podcasting 00:02:00
Hardware and Software 00:09:00
Hardware 00:05:00
Software 00:04:00
Preparing a Podcast 00:03:00
Podcast Outline 00:03:00
Publishing the Podcast 00:05:00
Recording 00:05:00
Marketing Tips 00:04:00