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Course Overview

Ideas are easy; implementation is hard! Overcome the fear of starting a business and find out the secrets of starting a new business from this Business Startup Training Guide course.

The Business Startup Training Guide course will assist you in creating business plans, building a brand, and implementing action plans. In addition, you will understand active sales and passive sales thoroughly.

So, enroll today and become capable of starting your own business!

Learning Outcomes

Who is this course for?

After Completing the Course, You Will Be Able to Explore Any of These Careers:

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

— Robert McKee


Section-1: Adonis Business Model – The Model of Successful Businesses
Stop The Excuses and Start Your Own Business 00:12:00
Why You Should Start Your Own Business 00:05:00
What Is Required to Start Your Own Business 00:10:00
Explanation of The Adonis Business Model 00:08:00
Decisions That You Should Take Today 00:03:00
The Market Pyramid and How It Affects Your Sales 00:12:00
Massive Vital Actions for Accelerate Business Growth 00:09:00
Section-2: Creation of A Business Idea
How to Create a Successful Business Idea 00:09:00
Creation of a Successful Action Plan 00:06:00
How to Create Products/Services That People Would Like to Buy 00:02:00
Creation of Sustainable Competitive Advantages 00:10:00
The TAPA Method – The Best Way to Present Your Products and Services. 00:16:00
Section-3: Building A Successful Brand
How to Create a Successful Brand 00:18:00
Section-4: Active Sales
The 4 C’s That Will Increase Your Sales 00:13:00
Organizing Your Meetings 00:11:00
How to Set Up Appointments with Potential Customers 00:19:00
The 8 Steps of The Sale Process That Will Maximize Your Success. 00:17:00
How to Do Educational-Sales 00:12:00
Section-5: Passive Sales
How to Sell Through the Internet 00:09:00
How to Generate Traffic to Your Website for Maximum Online Sales 00:03:00
Promoting Your Business Through Social Media 00:08:00
The Right Structure for Your Website for Online Sales. 00:09:00
Section-6: Create A Business and Action Plan
Create a Business and Action Plan 00:04:00


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Your learning doesn’t end after the course ends. Work on your plans, discuss with your classmates and get real-time feedback from qualified trainers.

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Your learning doesn’t end after the course ends. Work on your plans, discuss with your classmates and get real-time feedback from qualified trainers.

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