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Become a Fitness Trainer/Instructor

Fitness professionals screen participants for exercise programmes, evaluate various fitness components, prescribe exercise to improve these components, and may also help people with specific or chronic conditions. As part of this course of study, you will can gain a diploma in personal training and fitness as well as education in kinesiology, anatomy, and biomechanics which can assist you to progress within your fitness career.

Understand the basics of cardio fitness

Find out about advanced nutrition

Get to grips with sports massage

Diploma in Personal Training & Fitness

Do you have a passion for a healthy way of life, consolidating eating regimen and exercise into your daily schedule that you now need to impart to others? This diploma will show you all that you need to become a viable health specialist/fitness coach and helping your customers accomplish their wellness objectives on a daily basis. The course is set in manageable modules which you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home yet having the advantage of a full-time position.

Cardio Fitness Basics

In this modern time, people are bound to have more reasons to be stressed. Factors like social, environmental and technological are just a few of these causes for people to be stressed. In this course that we developed has integrated lessons on cardio approaches to stress management and therapy. This program is detailed but also flexible to be able for the students to modify and incorporate their desired strategies. Within acceptable limits, students can study and attend courses at their own speed depending upon the time the are able to utilise.  Health and wellness professionals wanting to gain more knowledge in cardio often complete this course easily and effectively without compromising their time and the quality of their learnings.

Aerobics For Fitness

This course is designed to help anyone who wants to learn aerobics and how to make fitness fun. In this course, you will be able to know the benefits of aerobic exercise. You will be able to identify all the different types of aerobic exercises and what training will suit your needs. Then you will also be able to learn how to execute these exercises or be able to train people how to do it.

Furthermore, the aerobics for fitness is helpful to trainers and coaches to know what to suggest to their students. You will be able to learn what are the aerobic dances, equipment, and kickboxing. The proper breathing for aerobics will also be discussed in this course. You will also be able to assess the best types of aerobics and the proper equipment to be used. This course encompasses the basics and the proper way of executing aerobics.

Daily Exercise and Muscle Building Course

Everyone has a story. If you don’t take control of your life, someone else is going to write it for you. And daily exercise can definitely help you take control of your life. Why might you ask? Because exercising daily will help you get into a routine and bring structure in your life. Also if you are someone who gets bullied for your size, or how you look; then you can definitely gain some intimidating muscles. All this can be accomplished easily by simply taking this course.

So what will you find in this course? You will learn about the principles of exercising, how to fit exercise into your busy life, and also identify and avoid common fitness mistakes.

Advanced Nutrition Course

Having good nutrition means eating a well-balanced diet for good health and well-being.  Nutrition is important to every organ in our body, most especially our heart. This course is designed to provide students knowledge and skills on nutrition. You will also be provided lessons on how to take care of your heart through proper nutrition. Learning the vital knowledge and information on nutrition as well as the realistic tips on nutrition will indeed improve your health and life style as well as of your clients.

Advanced Diploma in Weight Loss and Fitness

Changing body composition is a combination of fitness management focusing on diet and exercise. If you are genuinely concerned about your health and body, you must consider learning proper fitness management. It doesn’t matter if your progress is slow or fast, it is more important that you are still healthy. This course will help you learn how to stay fit without sacrificing your health. You will have not only a healthy lifestyle but also a great mental and emotional health through this course.

Physiotherapy Training Course

Physiotherapy is used for the betterment of health and wellness related issues. People mostly undergo this kind of therapy after suffering from some kind of physical injury or procedure, like surgery. That is why there is a dire need for people with the right set of skills in this field in order to support the patients that require physiotherapy. This Physiotherapy Training Course could be the starting point for that if you want to learn more about physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can sometimes prove to be confusing as to what is its purpose, but in order to help you get a proper understanding of the subject the course starts with an explanation on physiotherapy and what physiotherapists actually do.

Sports Massage Course

It is an obligation as a sports masseuse to know all the slips and knot of the massaging techniques required to help an athlete perfectly maintain hi/her physique and recover his/her any injury as quickly as possible. As a result, you have to know about all the techniques and therapies that roam around the world of sports massage. To help you garner those skills and knowledge, this Sports Massage Course is here to help you.

In the course content, you will be introduced to the sports massage, history and evolution, sports organizations, private practice, focused approach vs global approach, etc. You will also get a unit where you will learn all about the anatomy, the types of muscle injuries, tendon injuries, ligament and cartilage injuries, etc. You will also know the techniques and the importance of knowing the patient’s history which will ultimately help you to figure out a perfect treatment for the injured athlete.

Complete Self Defence Course

Self-defence is when someone defends himself in dangerous or unexpected situations. However, self-defence is not just learning about the physical acts but also it is also about learning the self discipline, evaluate the essence of violence to practice defensive skills. If you are someone who wants to prevent suffering from potential danger in your life, then you should learn self-defence techniques. To have an in-depth learning about self-defence, this complete course will also teach you the skills, knowledge and information about self-defence. Learning both the basics and techniques of self-defence will truly help build your senses that could help defend yourself.

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