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Become an Executive Personal Assistant/Secretary

Find out how to use administrative, organisational and business writing skills to full effect by studying courses designed to guide you through the fundamentals of being a top-class executive personal assistant. Learn how to use a keen eye for accuracy in the proofreading of important documentation, for example. Or, take proficient minutes of meetings. Essentially, be the utmost support to your manager to ensure the smooth-running of the office.

Manage sublimely-operated meetings

Look and feel the part

Build your confidence and self-esteem

Executive Secretarial & PA Course

A secretary or personal assistants need as much skills, if not more, than the managers they work for. They often have to work late, organize schedules and carry out other office tasks that the boss isn’t able to do themselves. So if you want to seat in the forefront of all major deals with your boss, this Executive Secretarial & PA Course would be perfect for you.

The course starts with improving your administrative management skills as you learn the importance of administrative procedures, using the right tools, important procedures to note, organising and much more.

Minute Taking Training Course

Whenever a meeting takes place, there is always that someone who needs to take the minutes. So why is it so important to do that? Well because it helps keep track of what went down in that meeting and summarizes the main points. This Minute Taking Training Course is designed to help you become better at taking minutes which essentially helps in different careers as well.

This is a very basic course where you can develop your skills and further your understanding behind the reason and need to take minutes. And that is why you initially start the course by understanding what minutes are and what is needed for a minute taker.

Proofreading & Copy Editing Course

Proofreading is a process where an individual checks their written content before publishing it to any given audience. It is an essential stage of the publishing process – be it for a school or college report, or when you are writing a book. Now with the help of this Proofreading & Copy Editing Course course, you can start to learn about the process of proofreading.

This is a very basic course which will help you get more knowledge on proofreading and copyediting. As such this course starts out with a basic introduction where you learn about the checklist when proofreading.

Diploma in Meeting Management

Anyone who wants to become a leader or manager needs to have the right meeting skills. Meeting with clients or your team will be part of your work and this course will help you with that. Learn how to plan and prepare for meetings. Know how to choose the right time and place for your meetings. Explore how to create agenda and all the things needed for a meeting. Understand meeting roles and responsibilities during meetings. Most importantly, in this course you will learn how to professional conduct meetings and resolve personality conflicts if there are.

Customer Service Skills – Video Training Course

Customer Service is an essential issue for the organization which works or deals with the customers. The efficient customer service can increase the number of customers. On the other hand, poor manner can decrease the number of customers. Efficient customer service not only increases the total number of customers but also affects positivity to the career that has such skill.

The Customer Service Skills – Video Training Course deals with the basic concepts of Customer Servicing. The course starts with defining the customer service and the procedures for identifying customers’ expectation.

Business Communication Essentials – Video Training Course

Effective communication is an essential and integral part of business success. In the Business Communication Essentials – Video Training Course, you will learn the communication essentials in the business including business communication, verbal and non-verbal communication and written communication. In spite of these, you will also be familiar with electronic communication, communicating with graphics and the proper ways of communication with seniors and boss.

Professionalism in the Workplace Diploma – Video Training Course

The Professionalism in the Workplace Diploma – Video Training Course is designed to prepare you for the professional work so that you can maintain professionalism in the office environment.

The course includes the ways of positioning yourself as a professional and the methods of increasing your professional images through appropriate behavior and communication. You will also learn how to expand your skills and how to communicate with other employees or customers’ n a formal or professional way. Finally, you will able to learn how to build a healthy relationship and the strategies for creating good networking.

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