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Become a Web Developer

Become a fully qualified web developer by mastering the skills required to work with Internet applications run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser. Work with server-side as well as front-end logic. Also, technologies sent to the client such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS and on the server-side frameworks (such as Perl, Python, PHP, Java, and ASP) used to deliver content and scripts to the client.

Specialize in web application engineering

Engage in SharePoint technologies

Earn an impressive income


After taking this course you will be able to:

  • know web development basics
  • identify platforms, select web hosts, and use SEO and social sites
  • use website design terminologies
  • find ways to build your website for free
  • use programming languages including HTML, CSS and PHP
  • use Joomla

Web Development Intermediate Level

There are different reasons why people want to setup their website. Whether it’s for their own and personal utilization or their company’s, it is still important to learn about it. It might be quite risky to setup website without prior planning done. To help you in deciding and planning for your website, this course in web development will help you on what you should do in web development. You will learn the importance of the content and how your website should be presented. Both content and presentation could affect the performance of your website, so you need to take into consideration what to post and how to post it.

Diploma in PHP Programming

This hands-on PHP programming course gives the information important to plan and create dynamic, database-driven site pages utilising PHP adaptation. PHP is a dialect composed of the web, brisk to learn, simple to convey and gives generous usefulness required to internet business. This course presents the PHP structure and covers top to bottom the most vital strategies used to assemble dynamic sites. In this course, you will be able to figure out how to associate with any ODBC-agreeable database and perform hands-on practice with a MySQL database to make database-driven HTML structures and reports. Web-based business abilities including client verification; information approval, dynamic information updates, and shopping basket usage are shrouded in detail. And you will additionally figure out how to design PHP and the Apache Web Server. Exhaustive hands on activities are coordinated all through to strengthen learning and grow genuine competency.

Web Designer Recruitment Course

Picking between the wide range of web developers can be a chore in itself. Most organisations or people trust that they have made the hardest stride which is putting themselves out there, by beginning a business! At that point, they start looking for all the website specialists to locate the correct one and soon understand that the decision is not a simple one. There are numerous things that settle on the decision troublesome since a significant number of the suppliers are all around qualified and their portfolios detail their huge encounters. Searching through all of those professionals can be tiresome, therefore, our web developer recruitment guide teaches the students to determine a priority list, what is important and other factors such as allotted budget to help comb through those many firms and designers.

Joomla for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to start a new career by becoming a web developer? If yes, then join this course and learn how to design your website using Joomla from scratch.

A decade ago, having a web page was super cool. Today, not having a page is practically primitive. Through a blog or a wiki or a page, everybody nowadays is available on the web, one way or the other. Does that mean everybody who needs to be on the web must be a nerd? No. All you need is a Content Management System. Well, not any CMS would do. What you need is Joomla! It’s a progressive open-source framework that is similarly as cool to work with as it sounds. If that you have a page that needs some chipping away constantly, Joomla! is your friend. Download it and disregard coding, programming, planning. Kick back and let Joomla! do all the hard work. In this course, we have attempted to pack in as much information as we could about Joomla! what’s more, the wonders it can work for you.  Read on and explore more.

E-commerce Website Creating Course

Do you want to learn how to build a website or how e-commerce site works? If so, no worries! This course will be able to help you in this dilemma. There are a few motivations to set up a website. However, the most important part is to be well- known and to learn but having motivation isn’t enough to do the job. You also need to know the technical ways of how to create an e-commerce website and how it works to be successful in this kind of business.

The first step in this course is to learn about e-commerce basics and how to make a website for it. You then have to plan and research on the business idea that will hopefully work as an online business. You will also have to know how to study the competition and know who your target market is. Before you start building your site, you have to learn about these basics so you won’t get lost along the way and this course is perfectly designed to help you in that.

Certified Secure Web Application Engineer (CSWAE) – Complete Video Course

Web applications are increasingly more sophisticated and as such, they are critical to almost all major online businesses. This Certified Secure Web Application Engineer (CSWAE) – Complete Video Course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Secure Web Application Engineer. In this course, you will learn about web application security, secure SDLC, OWASP TOP 10, risk management, threat modeling, authentication and authorization attacks, session management, security architecture, input validation and data sanitization, AJAX security, insecurity code discovery and mitigation, application mapping, cryptography, and testing methodologies. This Certified Secure Web Application Engineer (CSWAE) – Complete Video Course will provide you with a thorough and broad understanding of secure application concepts, principles, and standards. You will be able to design, develop and test web applications that will provide reliable web services that meet functional business requirements and satisfy compliance and assurance needs.

SharePoint Foundation Basics – Video Training Course

To learn on how to use lists, libraries, view, account information, etc. within the software SharePoint Foundation, this SharePoint Foundation Basics – Video Training Course is perfect for you. You will also gain knowledge on using communication services via discussion boards, surveys, and blog posts.

SharePoint Foundation can be used to organize, manage, and share information. It stores all the data in an SQL server and it can be accessed by multiple users. You can also create and edit lists which will include information about several events, links, tasks, contacts, etc. Libraries can also be created which will include document, picture, Wikipedia pages, and asset and form libraries. Team communication and account information and notifications can also be managed using the same platform. These techniques are all taught lucidly which will cover all the basic training for this program.

SharePoint Foundation Advanced Skills – Video Training Course

SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. There are several types of SharePoint products such as SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server, SharePoint Designer 2013 and SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Foundation is used to create many types of sites where you can collaborate on web pages, documents, lists, calendars, and data. SharePoint Foundation is free for on-premises deployment. In the SharePoint Foundation Advanced Skills – Video Training Course, you will learn how to use lists, libraries, views and accounting information and notification system in Sharepoint Foundation 2010 environment.

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