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Become a Receptionist

Warmly receive, welcome and greet visitors, clients or patients. Answer telephone calls, make room reservations or guest registrations. Set appointments and file records. Just some of the many responsibilities of a competent receptionist. See what’s required of you in a role that’s vital to many organisations.

Refine your communication, telephone and organisational skills  

Gatekeep with integrity

Consider the various receptionist roles that exist

Professional Receptionist Diploma

A professional receptionist is someone who is assigned as one of the front liners in the business. As a receptionist, it is your task to be knowledgeable on the operations and the overall state of the business. Since you are assigned to communicate first with the clients, it is important for you to have the skills in office management. This course is comprised of training in (1) organizational skills; (2) office management techniques; and (3) advanced Microsoft Office skills. These three pieces of training will help you become a professional receptionist and help in the success of your organization.

Receptionist Skills Diploma

Being a receptionist, you need to deal with answering and referring inquiries. If you are part of the receptionists in your organization, then it is important to learn how to become a professional receptionist. This is important since you will be the front-line person of the organization and their impression of the business might come from you since you are the first person they would be dealing with. But you don’t have to worry! This course is specifically designed for you to learn the necessary skills, knowledge and information to become professional receptionist. Not only that, you will also learn about Office Management since it is part of your job as a receptionist.

Professional Telephone Receptionist Course

Communication is an important skill in any types of industry. You need to communicate well in your everyday life, regardless of what career you are in. Through this well-crafted course, you will learn how to be an effective communicator on the telephone. You will learn the necessary skills, attenuates of effectively communicating with clients and/ team on the telephone. In this course, you will also learn about self and time management and explore different forms of communication. You will also know how to resolve challenges of teleworkers. And whether you work outside the office or a front desk worker, you will be a communication expert through this course.

Customer Service Skills – Video Training Course

Customer Service is an essential issue for the organization which works or deals with the customers. The efficient customer service can increase the number of customers. On the other hand, poor manner can decrease the number of customers. Efficient customer service not only increases the total number of customers but also affects positivity to the career that has such skill.

The Customer Service Skills – Video Training Course deals with the basic concepts of Customer Servicing. The course starts with defining the customer service and the procedures for identifying customers’ expectation.

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