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Become a Pet Carer

Love pets? Then why not train to be a pet carer? Learn all the tools and techniques of the trade to understand how to provide comprehensive care, first aid, and safety for pets. Also understand how to care for their general health and welfare.

Specialise in the care of cats and dogs

Groom, train and discipline with ease

Tend to their physical, emotional and natural needs

Diploma in Pet Dog Care

A puppy can be a loving expansion to your family but whether you’re an expert pet parent or a first-time adopter, it’s essential to keep your dog’s prosperity and satisfaction a top need. The Diploma in Caring for your Pet Dog will give some important tips for all puppy gatekeepers that are useful when you deal with your pooch. Having another puppy or grown-up pooch is an energizing minute and a point of reference for the whole family and since puppies are known as man’s closest companion and a steadfast canine is something beyond a pet since they are dealt with as a cherished individual from the family.

Diploma in Dog Care & Grooming

A puppy can be a superb addition to your home but whether you’re an accomplished pet parent or a first-time adopter.  It’s essential to keep your canine buddy’s well-being and joy a top need. The Diploma in Dog Care will give you valuable tips for all puppy guardians that are helpful when you take care of your dog. Having a new puppy or adult dog is an exciting moment and a milestone for the entire family. Since dogs are known as man’s best friend and a loyal dog is more than just a pet since they are treated as a beloved member of the family.

Diploma in Pet Care

This fully accredited Diploma in Pet Care course is perfect if you want to learn more about animal care. You could be looking to start your first job working with animals or you want to add this course to your portfolio of knowledge then this animal care course would be perfect for you.

Taking advantage of online training, this Animal Care course will provide you with an overview of how to effectively care for animals. Increase your work prospects by increasing your knowledge of a range of animals including large animals and small household pets.

Diploma in Pet Cat Care and Grooming

This course has been designed to teach you the appropriate skills in cat care. Lessons include choosing a cat, tips for dealing with a new kitten, cat supplies, food, health, grooming, disciplining a cat as well as dealing with cat’s behavior. There is a wealth of information throughout this course that will help you decide what kind of cat to get or even if a cat is right for your life right now. You will find information on how to deal with a new kitten, how to groom your cat, how to figure what to feed your cat and much more useful information that is going to help prepare you for your new addition. The information in this course is also great for those who already have a cat but have a few questions here or there.

Pet First Aid Course

It is always better to be prepared for the bad situations. If you are a pet owner, it is inevitable that your pet will eventually fall ill or get injured. Now, the first aid is the immediate care for that injured pet, prevent any further harm, and keep the health condition stable. If you want to learn about all the aspects of taking care your pet, then you should definitely take Pet First Aid Course.

A well-informed owner will be able to make a quick assessment of the scene and a quick examination of the victim.

Animal Care

Animals provide us with comfort as a pet or with their hide, meat and often by participating in controlled experiments to ensure human safety. That is why it is immensely important to take care of animals. If you are enthusiastic about animal care then you certainly need this Animal Care course.

The course starts with animal welfare as you learn about why it should be a concern; providing them with freedom from hunger, thirst, pain, injury  or disease; and also tending to their physical, emotional and natural needs. Next you focus on animal health from a global perspective and how different laws are being affected.  From this course you can find out about different kind of animals such as their species and roles, and how to handle these animals through communication or restraints. You will also learn about identifying risks, transporting and feeding animals as well.

There is plenty to be excited about this course, especially if you run a small to medium-sized business – regardless of the industry.

Money Making Ideas for Pet Lovers

If you want to run a successful pet business, you have to love them and should learn to take good care of them. You should also know about different types of pets and how to deal with each one of them. This course is a call out to all the pet lovers who are jobless and are looking for different ways to making money. This course will help the pet lovers making money from their hobby. You will learn about the various ideas of pet businesses that you can get in as the key to successful business is the choose the right business for the right time and place. You will also be taught how to do the proper research before selecting any business.

Multitudes Of Mammals: Choose Your Pet

Similarly, as with all animals, the choice to keep one as a pet, ought to just be done after due consideration is given to the thought process. Setting aside the time to assemble a lot of knowledge on the subject and the accessibility of the supporting tools that would be required for the comfort of the animal picked should be the priority. Get all the information you need here. This course will introduce you to the basics of small mammal and help you decide what animal you want. Depending on the budget, resources and other pets in the house this course will help you determine which pet will best fit with your family. Finally, it will give you an insight into the danger of choosing the wrong small mammals.

Pet Food Making Course

To take care of pets, you need to learn about pet nutrition. It is important for pets to have a complete and balanced diet constantly. Maintaining pet’s health and nutrition is essential. You can learn about proper nutrients and supplements to fill the pet’s nutritional gaps. Learning about affordable and healthy pet food making is going to be your priority. So if you are someone who seeks for a profession in pet nutrition or wants to be fully informed about your pet’s nutrition, this course is a must for you.

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