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Become a Nail Technician

Step into the art of nail care. Learn how to style, shape and decorate your clients’ nails with ease. And, once this accredited certificate is gained, prove yourself to be a viable force within the nail art industry. Furthermore, gain an understanding of what it takes to carry out professional manicures and pedicures and wow your clients with your incredible designs.

Clean, file and apply overlays or extensions to nails

Scrub, hydrate and perform aromatherapy pedicure

Encounter good practice from experts in the nail industry

Certificate in Nail Design & Manicure

This course will teach you the fundamentals of nail design and various aspects of manicure. You will get to know about the manicure procedures, tools and other important aspects to make you an expert in this. This course will also cover manicure stations, manicure tables, french manicures, products and supplies for nail manicures, amber manicure heater, manicure sets etc. If you wish to be a skilled amateur nail designer or a professional nail artist/manicurist then this course has been designed for you to know all about your passion.

Nail Technician Diploma CPD Accredited

Taking care of your nails is no longer a feminine activity as there are many men who want to look perfect as well. That is why there are thousands of successful salon businesses growing every day. If you want to get into this industry, then consider taking this Nail Technician Diploma CPD Accredited course in order to become a pedicurist, manicurist or even to get a part time hobby.

The course starts with the basics of nail salon and gives you an understanding of the nail anatomy.

Beauty Therapy: Manicure & Pedicure

The beauty therapy market is worth billions in today’s market. Everyone gets a manicure or pedicure these days including men and women, given that it is no longer a feminine thing but rather something that people just do in order to look good and take care of themselves. Now if you are interested in manicures and pedicures – be it for personal or professional reasons this Beauty Therapy: Manicure & Pedicure course can definitely teach you a thing or two about this.

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