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Become a Journalist

Enlightening courses designed for those interested in pursuing a career in journalism, media or public relations. Explore what it means to be a journalist and how to write captivating news stories and press releases. Understand how to develop a full media package. Because social media has ‘blown up’, there has been a demand for professionals who can write good copy, meaning big business for talented journalists. So, why not train to be one of those talents? Gain the essential skills required from these courses and advance your journalistic career.

Meet news deadlines

Build your portfolio

Develop your own sensational writing style

Diploma in Journalism

Career in journalism is a standout amongst the most exciting fields, where you really get rewarded for something you adore. On the off chance that you see yourself as to be an inquisitive imaginative, who appreciates pursuing a story and hunting down reality, the Diploma in Journalism is your future check. This course is designed for students who are interested in a career in journalism and journalism-related fields. We open doors for students wishing to pursue writing studies or those looking for a career in newspapers and other media.

Level 2 Certificate in Media and Relation

Human beings are naturally social creatures – we crave friendship and positive interactions. Good working relationships give us several other benefits. Our work is more enjoyable when we have good relationships with those around us. And if you are a member of the media, Interacting with the people is much uncomfortable.

With this Level 2 Certificate in Media and Relation you will learn how to build strong, positive relationships, it will help you to get much comfortable with your colleagues. Here you will learn how to be successful in interviews, how to develop a media package and much more stuffs will be beneficial for you.

Public Relations Certificate Course Level 2

The concept of Public relation has changed its structure after the mass use of computer and internet. Through using internet and computer, information can spread easily and quickly. Though the path has changed a lot, the proper necessity of Public Relation is still mandatory.

The Public Relations Certificate Course Level 2 deals with the different aspects of Public Relation (PR) such as strategic vs tactical PR, the procedures of designing PR strategy, developing the appropriate relationship with reporters and journalists, establishing excellent media relationships, etc. The course also focuses how to prepare a proper press release and the importance of social media in PR.

Media and Public Relations Diploma

Connecting successfully with clients, partners and the wider group is an important part of the business for most organisations. Networking and public relations is the best strategy for imparting your incentive to everyone around you. Moreover, excellent networking skills empower you to take advantage of those connections you already have and enhance the scope of your network. This course is intended to give you practical teaching and hands-on tools, skills that will get you networking once you finish this course.

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