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Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications Online: How to Get Certified

If you need to make a spreadsheet and organize your daily works by hours or looking for a picturesque presentation for your upcoming meeting at work. What is better than Microsoft Office Suite? And if you have Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications on your pocket, you’re right on the money.

Maybe you are a student and need to submit your assignment with certain formatting and avoid spelling errors. Likewise, maybe you need to make a poster presentation for your institution.

There is nothing compared to Microsoft Office software programs to do such work proficiently. And getting Microsoft Office specialist certifications will definitely change your game.

Microsoft Office has evolved from its simple origin into the world’s most dominant productivity suite. Microsoft Office comes with everything that may come into use in the office setting. Users have the option for several different Microsoft Office suites intended for corporations and small businesses, students and home users.

According to Softpedia, over a billion people use Microsoft Office. There are a wide range of different features and advantages that MS Office brings to the table for the users. What you choose to use depends on your own circumstances.

Benefits of Microsoft Office

We have made some listed benefits of Microsoft Office that may encourage you to become an office expert:

1. Universal Software:

Microsoft Office is industry standard and also now compatible with mobile after the developed Office Mobile which allows users free version of office applications to use in mobile.

It also runs web-based versions of core office apps, which are included as part of a Microsoft account. Now it has become easier than ever as you can access and use Microsoft via your mobile.

microsoft word mobile

2. Used by most of the business:

Almost any type of business can find a use for the Microsoft Office suite of software programs. A food cart vendor could use MS Publisher to create flyers and other advertisements to post around the town.

Corporations and institutes could use MS Excel to create grids of text, numbers, and formulas which helps analyzing and sorting data. MS word could be used for internal memos, articles and publications. Also, MS PowerPoint for slides, presentation, infographics.

As so many different kinds of people and companies find use of this software, it has become a very popular list of programs.

office place computer presentation

3. Use anywhere anytime

Perhaps the biggest update of MS Office is how it embraces the cloud-based world in which we now live. Office 365 now allows users to access its data and files from any computer on the planet with an active internet connection.

This allows people to be productive from anywhere, anytime they want as long as they have a computer and an internet connection.

Microsoft office 365

4. Collaboration and Productivity: 

Modern day versions of MS Office unlock the power of collaboration. This allows a wide range of digital tools that makes it easy for multiple employees to all work on the same files from separate computers.

Calendaring, contacts, meeting and other functionalities designed to make it easier than ever to collaborate with people outside the business also.

touch screen microsoft office word

5. Online Courses: 

The Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications not only provide robust knowledge but also help developing your skills through project-based testing, real world exercises and a complete syllabus with standard exam.

And this will help you to be a compatible candidate for this digitized job market. Although the office suite is used by most business and government organizations, the majority of people use only a few apps.

And you may think you know how to use Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, or Excel but in reality you’ve probably only been scratching the surface.

Having Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications could mean more in annual salary than uncertified peers as earning a MOS Certification demonstrates that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Microsoft Office Software.

How to Get Certified in Microsoft Office Programs

There are no degree requirements to take the MOS certifications exam. One can select to earn certification in one or more Microsoft programs, such as Excel, Word, Publisher or PowerPoint. Let’s take a look on how to become a Office guru:

Obtain Basic Computer Skills: 

First of all, you must obtain some basic computer skills before becoming a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Individuals should have the basic knowledge.Otherwise, they can enroll in some basic program that allows them to learn specific skills. Such as how to use the Internet or how to use different windows operating systems.  

Enroll in Microsoft Office Courses: 

Secondly, you need to enroll in any Microsoft Office courses. Perhaps you know some basics about Office software but to become professional you certainly need some professional training. College and Universities typically offer courses under different skill levels like basic, intermediate and advanced programs.

Each course usually covers only one Microsoft Office software program such as Excel, Word, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, or Outlook. You need to choose which program you want to learn first. However, individuals start with the BASIC courses.  

Choose a Program for Certification: 

To accomplish Microsoft Office Specialist certification, the next step is to select a software program to become certified in. You can obtain certification for all Microsoft Office programs, but certifications for each software program requires passing a different test.

People in charge of creating and managing databases might consider getting certified in MOS Access.Similarly, for professionals who frequently give presentations, MOS PowerPoint would be a very handy software to get certified in.

Individuals who deal with documents, such as creating and updating newsletters, releases, invitations, manuals would benefit most by achieving MOS word certification.

Again, MOS outlook certification for a professional who works in an organization that uses Microsoft Outlook as a closed and secure email system would be very useful.

Take Certification Exam:

Finally, you have to take the certification exams. You should take one exam at a time. This will help you learn adequately and become an expert.

Certifications of MOS exams are administered through testing centers authorized by Microsoft. There are various tasks in the exam process which depends on the course. 

For instance, in the MOS PowerPoint certification exam there might be tasks like making a slideshow with embedded video links or certain background design and animation.Again, MOS exam might ask to make a spreadsheet with certain columns and rows and add text or number variables if individuals take the MOS Excel certification exam.

In addition, exam takers are able to view their results after completing the task. After passing the exam you will be recognized as officially certified and will receive your MOS certification. Moreover, if you can’t take the exam within the scheduled time or can’t pass in the first try, no need to worry. You will get an opportunity to reschedule and retake the exam.

Closing Note

Though most of the jobs don’t require Microsoft Office Specialist certifications, you surely noticed “Proficiency in Microsoft Office” as a requirement. Having a certified skill will always keep you ahead in the job market race.  

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