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Course Overview

Data scientist is one of the best-suited professions to thrive this century. Make yourself capable enough of the required skills necessary to be hired as a data scientist with this Data Science: R Programming Online course.

It is digital, programming-based, and data-driven. You will learn about R and R studio, vector, matrics, factors, data frame, logical operation, plotting data in R, and many more exciting and unrevealed topics. After completing the course, you will act like a pro data scientist!

Enroll now and spike up your proficiency in data science!

Learning Outcomes

Who is this course for?

This Course Will Open Up a Vast Career Opportunity for You. Namely:

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

— Robert McKee


Unit 01: Data Science Overview
Introduction to Data Science 00:01:00
Data Science: Career of the Future 00:04:00
What is Data Science? 00:02:00
Data Science as a Process 00:02:00
Data Science Toolbox 00:03:00
Data Science Process Explained 00:05:00
Dog Walking 00:20:00
Unit 02: R and RStudio
Engine and coding environment 00:03:00
Installing R and RStudio 00:04:00
RStudio: A quick tour 00:04:00
Unit 03: Introduction to Basics
Arithmetic with matrices 00:07:00
Variable assignment 00:04:00
Basic data types in R 00:03:00
Unit 04: Vectors
Creating a vector 00:05:00
Naming a vector 00:04:00
Arithmetic calculations on vectors 00:07:00
Vector selection 00:06:00
Selection by comparison 00:04:00
What’s a Matrix? 00:02:00
Analyzing Matrices 00:03:00
Unit 05: Matrices
Naming a Matrix 00:05:00
Adding columns and rows to a matrix 00:06:00
Selection of matrix elements 00:03:00
Arithmetic with matrices 00:07:00
Unit 06: Factors
What’s a Factor? 00:02:00
Categorical Variables and Factor Levels 00:04:00
Summarizing a Factor 00:01:00
Ordered Factors 00:05:00
Unit 07: Data Frames
What’s a Data Frame? 00:03:00
Creating Data Frames 00:20:00
Selection of Data Frame elements 00:03:00