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    For ensuring food safety and quality, the cleaning and sanitizing process are one of the essential prerequisite aspects in the food/restaurant industries. We also know that sanitation maintains or restores cleanliness and promotes hygiene to prevent foodborne/bloodborne illness.

    Therefore, to provide information about cleaning and sanitizing in the food or restaurant industries, Training Express launches its Restaurant – Sanitation And Health Food Service Workers Interactive Online Training course for you. This curriculum focuses on Sanitation And Health For Food Service Workers – Foodborne illness is quite prevalent in the home, restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, even school cafeterias. It is highly important to learn the fundamental process of sanitizing food. Lack of proper hygiene will lead to higher stock returns, shorter shelf life, hence less profit. 

    A solid sanitation and safety program is vital for any foodservice operation, big or small. The course will help you understand the most important aspects of food safety and sanitation. By the end of the course, you’ll know all about the individual cleanliness guidelines applicable to everyone within sanitation and safety operations, as well as the important role the manager plays in these operations.

    Learning outcome

    Who should take the course

    This comprehensive course is ideal for individuals associated with the sectors such as:  

    • Firefighters
    • Electricians
    • Construction Workers
    • Anyone who wishes to work in the related field


    • Anyone with any academic background can enroll into this course.
    • A device with an active internet connection


    We assess our learners through quizzes or multiple choice test. This test will be assessed automatically and immediately to give you an instant result.


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