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Improve Your Organisational Skills

Enhance your organisational skills by learning how to manage your work and personal time more efficiently. Examine the tools that can help you to be in control of your everyday tasks. Understand how to plan, time manage, schedule, coordinate resources and meet deadlines.

Create valuable to-do lists

Become more focused

Achieve your daily goals

Organisational Skills Course

Organizational Skills are set of skills defined as your ability to use your time, energy and resources wisely. Having the set of skills will enable you to become more effective and productive in your works. To have this skills, you need to achieve self-discipline and dedication that are both essential for the success of your career.  The key for efficient working is to have the proper time management skills. Learning all about organizational skills will help you in your productivity. You will be able to maximize your time without sacrificing the quality of your work. This course will equip you with the techniques, knowledges and information of organisation skills, time management & team building to be more productive, more efficient and successful in your life.

Time Management Skills – Video Training Course

Time Management refers to the process of planning, organizing and exercising conscious control over time. Effective Time Management helps you to get more work done in less time even when you are in a hurry.

In the Time Management Skills – Video Training Course, you will learn the practical time management skills. The course will teach you how to identify goals, the ways of efficient energy distribution and time logs. Throughout the course, you will also be able to manage your time based on your style, and you will be able to build your toolbox. Finally, the course will help you to apply your plan into action.

Diploma in Meeting Management

Anyone who wants to become a leader or manager needs to have the right meeting skills. Meeting with clients or your team will be part of your work and this course will help you with that. Learn how to plan and prepare for meetings. Know how to choose the right time and place for your meetings. Explore how to create agenda and all the things needed for a meeting. Understand meeting roles and responsibilities during meetings. Most importantly, in this course you will learn how to professional conduct meetings and resolve personality conflicts if there are.

Microsoft Office 2016 Essentials

Are looking forward to learning each and every single details of Microsoft Office 2016? Then you are at the right place!

Microsoft Office 2016 Essentials is designed for beginners to educate about Microsoft Office 2016. Initially, you will learn about the basic features of Microsoft Word such as creating a new document, personalizing the Microsoft Word interface, adding graphics, etc. Besides, you will learn about the techniques of controlling page appearance, proofing and editing a document. Following that, you will learn about the foundations of Microsoft Office Excel that is essential to create and work with an electronic spreadsheet. You will be able to insert and delete text, adjust cells, create columns, rows and much more. Next, Microsoft PowerPoint will help you to learn to navigate the PowerPoint environment, create and save PowerPoint presentation, delivering advanced text editing etc.

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