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Become a Supply Chain Officer/Manager

Design, plan, execute, control, and monitor supply chain activities within business to create net value, build a competitive infrastructure, leverage worldwide logistics, synchronize supply with demand and measure performance globally. If this is ideally what you’re looking to do, then these combined courses can build you into a competent supply chain officer or manager.

See what are the three levels of supply chain management  

Understand the five stages of supply chain management

Become a specialist in the flows of supply chain management

Level 3 Diploma in Supply Chain Management

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the exciting world of Supply Chain Management. In the Supply Chain Management course, you will ace diverse forecasting approaches. The Supply Chain Management course manages various systems that help you make enduring and valuable supplier connections. By the end of the Supply Chain Management course, you will have a better understanding of the complexities that organisations are confronting in the present worldwide networked economy.

Level 3 Diploma in Six Sigma & Lean Process

Six Sigma is an industry standard applicable to any business. It can be used in order to improve procedures and decrease waste, which in turn increases company profits. If that rings your bell, then you definitely want to take this Level 3 Diploma in Six Sigma & Lean Process course.

This course is designed to give you a basic idea about the six sigma procedures and how each step is followed. Like all good materials, this course also starts with a basic introduction to six sigma and the lean process. You will discover a little of lean’s history and the five methods defined by Toyota with basic principles. Next you look into “The Toyota Way” where fourteen principles are categorized into four parts: Philosophy, Process, People & Partners and Problem Solving.

Level 3 Diploma in Six Sigma & Lean Process

Advanced Diploma in Project Management

This Advance Diploma Course that we are offering to you is a high-quality comprehensive course designed to help managers and potential leaders to be equipped with skills and knowledge in project management. We provide the course with methodology, tool sets and documentation, project life cycle and other analysis that are essential in project management. This course will also help you discover new and innovative sources for solutions through utilising the proper tools and knowledge in project management. This course will also help you enhance your general management and leadership skills for you to become an effective and efficient manager in your career.

Introduction to Purchasing & Procurement

Procurement involves the process of finding, and selecting vendors and establishing payment terms. Procurement also includes strategic vetting, selection, the negotiation of contracts and actual purchasing of goods. Purchasing and Procurement process is the foundation of the strong relationship with the vendors.

The Introduction to Purchasing & Procurement provides the practical knowledge of Supply Chain Management, Purchasing toolkit, the Purchasing cycle, tools and trade, etc. In the course, you will also learn how to manage competitive bids and the procedures for minimising the Supply Chain Risk.

Level 2 Certificate in Inventory Management

Every business needs a pristine organization method to maintain its inventory. This helps to improve productivity, distribution, and proper financial management. Level 2 Certificate in Inventory Management will help you to teach yourself an efficient employee and run smooth operation.

In this course, you will learn about the basic terms used in warehouse, identify goals and objectives of inventory management, calculate safety stock, reorder points, evaluation of inventory management systems, maintain inventory accuracy, etc. As a stockroom manager, you will be able to satisfy need with stockpiling too much and run a smooth operation after finishing this course.

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Level 3

The Logistic and Supply Chain Management is a crucial part of any successful business. Optimizing the flow of products and services as they are planned, sourced, made, delivered, and returned can give your business an extra competitive edge.

This Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Level 3 introduces the skills that every supply chain professional needs, to develop networks that are lean, agile and responsive. This course has been designed for anybody, who is involved in this chain business and want to improve flow of goods and organization’s ability to adapt changing. If you are looking forward to brush up your business skills, join this course now.

Development with Lean Process

It is primal importance for a company to learn about continues improvement within itself to survive and thrive in such a competitive niche. If you want to learn on how to improve your company status, then this Development with Lean Process is perfect for you.

The course is designed for learners who have already completed the lean process improvement course. Here, you will learn about the importance of continuous improvement and the stages of improvement. It is an ideal step toward the path of learning and creating a workplace committed to continuous improvement.

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