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Become an HR Manager

Become skilled at understanding how to source the brightest talent for the workplace and maximise their performance to best achieve an organisation’s objectives.  Follow the route through the Diploma in Human Resource Management, HR and Leadership Management and HR and Recruitment Consultant Diploma to gain a thorough understanding of this role.

Focus on the formulation of policies and systems

Understand how to oversee employee benefits

Become knowledgeable at recruiting, training and developing the best


After taking this course you will:

  • know the functions of all departments within an organisation
  • have the necessary skills required for working in human resource management
  • know how to recruit, support, discipline and terminate employees

Diploma in Human Resource Management

If you are part or will be part of Human Resource Management you just don’t need to know the functions of your department. You need to learn also about the functions of other departments since you’ll be the one who will help in finding people perfect for it. In this course, you will learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and information about Human Resource Management and the implications of a different aspect of Human Resources with the daily responsibilities of people in this department.

HR Assistant – Video Training Course

Human Resource(HR) is the department that is responsible for finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, as well as administering employee-benefit programs. As a result, every business corporation needs HR department and a well-trained person who knows HR concepts very well.

HR Assistant – Video Training Course includes the essential information about HR. Throughout the course, you will learn the procedures of attracting and retaining employees, the proper ways of training and development, and the legal environment of HRM. Apart from these, you will gain information related to contemporary motivation theory and techniques and teamwork.

The course starts with the basic HR concepts and the exact ways of recruitment which includes how to select the perfect employee, the appropriate system of orientation and the strategy of developing personal and professional development. After that, you will learn how to motivate the employee through different motivational techniques, how to praise them or how to make constructive criticism. Finally, you will learn how to do teamwork.

Effective Human Resource Administration – Video Training Course

The Effective Human Resource Administration – Video Training Course covers the effective and advanced techniques and methods of Human Resource (HR) administration. The purpose of the course is to prepare you to be an administrative officer in the Human Resource Department.

The course covers the fundamentals of motivation, behavior, productivity, leadership, and communication ways so that you can deal with other employees efficiently. The course explains the fundamental of motivation through a detailed analysis of the theory of motivation. The course will also help you to judge the human behavior including both individual and group behavior.

Besides these basic concepts, the course teaches the nature and benefits of the informal organization. You will learn about quality challenges, management, and participative approaches. The course includes a detailed session about job redesign, job enrichment, fundamentals of leadership, and the proper ways of appraising, communicating and rewarding. Finally, the course will guide you how to manage conflict and human relation.

HR & Recruitment Consultant Diploma

The job market is extremely tough for both recruiters and job seekers alike. On the one hand recruiters have to go through thousands of applications in order to find the perfect match for their open position, and on the other hand job seekers need to fend off the other applicants for that one job. Either way this HR & Recruitment Consultant Diploma can help you step into the shoes of an expert HR manager to make the hiring process easier.

The course is divided into three sections where you start with HR management today, recruiting, interviews, retention, health & safety and much more. In the next section you deal with recruitment through its selection process, goal setting, interviews questions, background check etc. In the final section of the course you will learn how to lure in great candidates, filtering process for applications, selection process and on boarding as well. The entire thing combined will help you make the recruitment process amazingly easy and simple, which in turn gives you the inside scoop. So if you want to get into the HR world or strategies to get hired, this is the course for you.

HR and Leadership Management

Need to prevail in business and leave your competitors behind? You’ll have to figure out how to procure the best people, teach them how to lead, and keep them working for your organisation. Human Resources aren’t only a division in your business – it is the absolute entirety of your business! You will fail if you don’t know precisely how to pick the best team.

Good leaders lead. Being a good leader does not necessarily mean one has to own the business in order to steer it in a successful manner. It simply means that the direction of the company or project would entail having someone with a clear vision of how the goals are to be achieved to the best of everyone’s abilities and to the benefit of the company. Enroll in our HR and Leadership Management course and learn about the common challenges of human resources. Find out how to attract and retain the best teams for achieving company’s success. In this course you will learn the necessary skills, knowledge and information of HR & Leadership Management.

HR Training Course

The current world has a lot of rules and regulations which makes it mandatory for managers to deal with human resources issues. Usually, the manager has to undertake extra responsibilities as part of the job. This HR Training Course will help you gain knowledge regarding this topic.

In this course, you will learn all about human resources, skills inventory, job analysis, position profiles, job description, employee orientation and training, performance reviews, attendance management, etc. This course will easily cover some issues that arise after the hiring and how to deal with them.

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