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Become a Restaurateurs/ Restaurant Manager

Thinking of owning or managing your own restaurant? This is a highly skilled profession which requires proficiency in all aspects of the business. It’s not an easy career to embark on but know that these courses could just help make your quest that much easier by providing you with the learning required to be a successful restaurateur.

Write a thorough business plan

Manage yourself, others, and your money

Identify your target market

Level 1 Food Hygiene and Safety

Investing in the restaurant business can be an extremely good idea but it also comes with a huge responsibility as well. You need to have caution and high standards in order to have good healthy food available for your customers. This Level 1 Food Hygiene and Safety course can help you achieve that goal by giving you simple tips that help in improving your restaurants’ hygiene & safety.

It is an absolute necessity for you have clean premises given that otherwise your restaurant could be shut down by the health service. Through this course, you will be prepped to regulation standards by initially learning about food hygiene and HACCP. You will also discover the physical, chemical and biological hazards faced in the food industry, and their precautionary measures.

Level 2 HACCP Training Course

HACCP is known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, and it is a standard used in the maintenance of quality in the food and beverage industry. Ensuring that consumers get good quality food is a mandatory requirement by law, and that is why there is a good demand for people who know about HACCP standards. You can start your career in this industry with the help of this Level 2 HACCP Training Course, and work your way up to the quality manager position.

The course is divided into three small sections which gives you a general idea about HACCP. You initially start with understanding what HACCP is, why these standards are needed, and the fundamentals of HACCP.

Level 2 Certificate in Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering

This Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering course has been designed to help you improve your knowledge of handling food in a catering environment. You will discover the legal requirements to prepare and serve food in the service industry. You will also discover HACCP, the multiple levels of hazards and their preventive measures, and much more including temperature control and handling basics.

Knowledge and understanding of basic food hygiene and safety is a legal requirement so as not to contaminate food and to be safe at work at all times.

Diploma in Restaurant and Food Management

This fantastic diploma in restaurant and food management course is designed for the individuals who are looking for a change in their career. People who are already into this industry but are willing to enhance their skills and wish to undertake further training. This course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to main sectors of the service industry. It will also teach you about the different types of food and beverage products, host responsibilities, catering utilities and kitchen commodities.

Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is a study of people who want to be part of the hospitality industry. In this course, the meaning and definition of hospitality management will be discussed. You will learn the procedures of hospitality management and how you should follow these steps. Then you will learn its history and how it was developed through time. You will also learn the scopes of hospitality, classification of hospitality organisations, and most especially the influence which affects the industry.

Kitchen Management Course

Regardless of whether you’re new to the business and wanting to begin a career in kitchen management or an effective proficient planning to propel your profession, this course will enable you to enhance your basic skills in kitchen operations management. As a graduate, you’ll be set up to look for work in a variety of settings, including eateries, school cafeterias, private enterprises, and establishments.

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of kitchen management. You will find out about the components that must be considered when planning the kitchen, for example, the necessary kitchen utensils, sort of eatery and kitchen dangers.

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