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Become a Programmer

Interested in creating computer software? You can progress from the basics of programming and the techniques involved in writing an effective programme through to the Diploma in PHP Programming – hands-on programming courses that will guide you through the planning and creation of dynamic, database-driven sites utilising PHP adaptation. Complete your learning with Database Basics – organise data to model aspects of reality in a way that supports processes.

Write code

Specialise in different areas of computer programming

Become proficient at manipulating data

Programming for Beginners

There are a few distinct ideas that an individual needs to learn before having to handle the issue of programming ideas and how they develop.  In this course, you will be able to understand the programming concepts and how they work. You will also be taught about the techniques that will help you write a program effectively. You will get to choose the right compiler and learn the meaning of interpreter in programming. You will also learn the function of a debugger and find out how to ease your burden with components and optimize your program with the profiler.

Diploma in PHP Programming

This hands-on PHP programming course gives the information important to plan and create dynamic, database-driven site pages utilising PHP adaptation. PHP is a dialect composed of the web, brisk to learn, simple to convey and gives generous usefulness required to internet business. This course presents the PHP structure and covers top to bottom the most vital strategies used to assemble dynamic sites. In this course, you will be able to figure out how to associate with any ODBC-agreeable database and perform hands-on practice with a MySQL database to make database-driven HTML structures and reports.

Database Basics

Have you ever heard about the database? Or have you heard about it and want to use it on your own?  Then this course will be able to help you in that. There are a lot of people who do not like to deal with database, scripts and all the technical parts, this hinders them to start learning because they already have the mindset that it is difficult. Database creation might be difficult, but with correct attitude and practical database skills, you will surely avoid the difficulties! You have to keep in mind that the end goal should guarantee the creation of the database and to be able to make more whenever you need it. In this course, you will first know how to create your database and database users.

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