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Become a Professional Photographer

Do you have a great eye for imagery? Are you creative? Good with visual technology? Then why not expand on those skills in a professional capacity? Learn the art of photo composition and become at one with your camera by exploring all the tools and functions it offers.

Make a comfortable living through photography

Hone your skills in a variety of artistic disciplines

Become familiar with graphic design elements

Diploma in Digital Photography

The Digital Photography is consistently evolving, be that as it may, the standards behind great photography don’t. This course gives you the chance to increase broad learning and comprehension of computerised photography including subjects, for example, introduction settings, how to peruse and utilise the histogram, how light influences a photo, how the camera sensor and focal points work, and how to prepare a photo utilising PC programming. You will likewise learn tips and strategies on what not to do when taking a photo.

Freelancing Digital Photography

This digital photography course is very useful for individuals who are looking forward to enhancing their skills and master the advanced techniques of digital photography. This course is ideal for the individuals who intend to develop their skills with the cameras. It will teach you all the necessary skills including snap stunning and marvellous photographs. You will learn about the latest technology cameras arrived in the market and how can they be used. You will also be introduced to the latest editing methods.

Digital Camera for Beginners

Whether you are someone who likes taking pictures or someone who considers a hobby, this course is perfect for beginners. In this course, you be learning what the right camera is right for professional digital photography that will help any beginners upgrade their photography skills. You will also be able to know the pros and cons of using a digital camera. There will also be a discussion on the easiest way to learn to use a digital camera which is perfect for beginners.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Complete Course

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s leading image creating and editing application. It can be used to create and enhance photos, logos, 3D artwork, etc. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Complete course will give you an overall outlook and skillset necessary to master this application.

This course starts off with the introductory aspects of this program. You will get accustomed with the features, interface, presents, basic editing tools, etc. which will build your foundation.

Diploma in Graphic Design

It has been found that visual communication is vastly more effective than other forms of communication. It is a very stimulating form of communication, especially when paired with vivid colours. Graphic designers have a similar job, where they convey many different subtle messages using their creativity and artistic talents. This Diploma in Graphic Design course will help you learn basic techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Illustration and In-design in order to build up your confidence and help you start the journey to become a professional.

Video Creation Secrets

Do you ever notice things like audio levels, camera angle and focus, attention to detail, or production value while watching a video or a movie? If yes, then you will definitely want to became a part of out video production and editing program. This course is designed specifically for individuals with no previous experience as it begin by equipping students with basic skills in video production and editing. Students gain the skills required for camera operation, lighting a film and recording sound. They will also be given the opportunity to shoot a short video and finally edit and complete their collaborative project.

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