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Become a Nanny

Combine earning a decent living with your love of children by studying to become a nanny. Fabulous courses that delve into the requirements of looking after the children of others. What exactly is the role of a nanny? How does a nanny best manage their time whilst ensuring the needs of the children in their care are met? Have these questions and more answered whilst working through these informative courses.

Become familiar with child care guidelines

Understand child psychology and child development

Manage children’s social care and training

Professional Childcare and Nannying

Whether you are just starting or have some previous experience, there is always more to learn about being a nanny. This course aims to empower child care workers at all levels and to assist them through the necessary training to become professional and competent employees. It provides them with essential skills they need to care for children and babies. It equips them with the knowledge and expertise to be able to foster the child’s development and growth in the most inspiring, sensitive and balanced way possible.

Health Care Assistant Course (Children)

Children are the future, and as such, they need to be taken care of. A young child doesn’t always know what is best for them or what is actually happening to them. That is why taking care of their health is so important, and with the help of this Health Care Assistant Course (Children) , you will be able to do so.

This is an extensive course and starts out by giving you an introduction to children health as you learn about disease patterns across different age and mortality rates in different stages.

Level 3 Diploma in Child Care CPD Accredited

Proper childcare is a necessity for any up and coming child. Without the right practices in place no child will verbally be able to communicate their problems. That is why this Level 3 Diploma in Child Care course can be of great use.

This is a fairly extensive course as you will be going in a very in-depth analysis of childcare. Initially you will learn about some childcare basics like legal requirements, health & safety issues and equipments needed. Following that you will move onto understanding how different skills are developed in a child like gross, fine motor and cognitive.

Children’s Social Behaviour Training & Management Course

In this course, you will be learning the important modes of management and what are the gentle measures for children and youth development. You will learn the importance of authority and how gentle punishment is needed when disobedience occurs. You will also know the art of training the children and youth in this course. You will be taught about sympathy between the child with the parent and vice versa. You will also know the importance of encouragement and how it can help children’s developmental growth. You will also know how to answer children’s questions and curiosity. You will also be able to show gratitude and religious training to children that will help in their development.

Raising Healthy Children Course Level 3

Raising children can be a difficult task if you are not skilled or willing to learn. To know how to raise them healthily, you need to learn and know the skills in child raising. You need to learn about child psychology, social behaviour, child safety online, and healthy lifestyle. All of these lessons could help you succeed in raising healthy children without sacrificing your own happiness.

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