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Become a Florist

Consider yourself to be green-fingered? Good with all manner of flowers, plants and lawns? Then why not become a florist? If you’re not sure where to start then allow these accredited courses to show you how. Learn about floristry and flower arrangement; how to correctly pot plants; and how to care for lawns. And, even understand how to curate fabulous gardens.

Gain an insight into greenery

Arrange awesome bouquets

Learn how to survive in the floristry and gardening trades

Floristry & Flower Arrangement Diploma

Flowers are a symbol of love, friendship and all that is good in life. All around the world people exchange or give flowers in the form of a gift, and celebrate happy or sad occasions with these beautiful creations of nature. At the centre of attention for creating these arrangements are florists, and if you want to take a glimpse into their world then you can do so with this Floristry & Flower Arrangement Diploma course.

This course consists of various different topics and as such starts with an introductory chapter on floristry. Following this you learn about what being a florist is all about, the colours of flowers & their symbolism, explore different flowers & their meaning, and how to take care of potted plants.

Pot Planting Training Course

Pot-in-pot is the process of using one container inside another. It is a highly efficient process of growing plants and would help people working in nurseries. But in order to truly understand the process, you should definitely get this Pot Planting Training course.

This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of what Pot-in-Pot (PNP) stands for and compares the many advantages against disadvantages of this process. The course looks into the different aspects of pot planting like container size, soil selection, planning, spacing, and much more.  You will learn how to determine the leaching fraction and irrigation output.

Lawn & Garden Care Course

It is usually an intrigue and enthusiasm for plants and gardening that is present today. In this course, you will learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and information of garden care. Figure out how to build up a rich soil bed to make more beneficial plants, greater harvests and how to keep up profitable products of the soil plot without burrowing. This course covers an extensive variety of subjects from the remedies for gardening care to picking plants for your garden. This course will give you both the information and certainty required to complete your own particular garden configuration and to learn new skills or upgrade your existing skills.

Diploma in Planting

Planting has also been considered as a hobby especially when you can utilise lawn making and flower planting in your garden. To be able to enjoy planting, you need to know the basics of planting. In this course, you will learn how to make a lawn and choose the right soil for plotting. You will also know what seeds to use and how to make flower beds. In this course, you will be given a guide on how to start your hobby with the right tools and technical know-how.

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