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Become a Computer Maintenance Specialist

Put your computer skills to the test and be guided through the process of becoming a computer maintenance specialist. Gain an overall guide to computers, progressing through to understanding how to protect computer systems from theft and damage to their hardware. Also learn about the specifics of browser and network security and the key operational and technical aspects of computer communication systems.

Establish measures to use against attacks over the Internet

Prevent disruption or misdirection of the services computer systems provide

Protect the transfer of data

Computer Specialist Diploma

Computer Specialist Diploma Course is intended for those who wants to gain computer skills and knowledge. It has modules which will give you all the ins and outs of operating on a personal computer and its broad applications.

First of all, it will cover all the fundamental computing terms, input, output, and storage devices. You will also learn about the operating systems, interface and its applications.

Computer Operating and Troubleshooting Diploma – Video Training Course

The Computer Operating and Troubleshooting Diploma – Video Training Course provides the basics or fundamental elements of the computer so that you can able to use the computer confidently and efficiently.

The course mainly focuses on the operating system and networking. Throughout the course, you will learn about hardware and peripherals, storage, connectivity devices, and network components. You will also be knowledgeable about the Operating System fundamentals such as the meaning of operating system, the procedures of configuring the operating system, application definition, and the ways of using control panel.

Internet and Computing – Key Applications Training

The Internet and Computing – Key Applications Training explains what basic applications are. In the course, you will learn the different application options.

Throughout the course, you will learn the usage of work processing and spreadsheets. The course will also focus the advanced skills such as the procedures for creating an excellent presentation, how to use database and collaboration.

All type of applications has options like comments, screen consistency, formatting options such as making text bold, italicised, underlined etc., navigating system, and presentation features, etc.

Internet and Computing – Tools & Networking Training

The Internet and Computing – Tools & Networking Training will help you to learn the basic knowledge about communication through the web. Throughout the course, you will learn the modern ways of communication using the web browser and email. In spite of these, you will also learn the basics of network terminology and the methods of securing your information online.

The course is divided into several sections where each part deals with a specific topic. Such as- the part Web Browsing will help you to learn the tips and tricks of using web browsers for communication purposes while the section Networking Terminology explains how to troubleshoot a network.

Diploma in Internet Security Management

As internet technology and its development are growing rapidly, the risks that come with it is also growing exponentially. To be able to understand the importance of Internet Security Management this course will come in handy to protect you from such risks especially when you learn how to protect your data, personal information, financial credentials, business data and everything else.

Diploma in IT Communications

When it comes to understanding the fundamentals of computer networking the individual should have the appropriate knowledge of how to connect several different elements to create ideal computing networking. This course will teach how to function in a wide range of areas within the ICT industry and in ICT support roles in other industries.  You will learn about local and wide area networks, voice network and wireless data network installation and maintenance. This course will also teach you the key operational and technical aspects of computer communication systems and relevant security issues, enabling you to appreciate emerging technologies.

Diploma in IT Security (Malware)

The Diploma in IT Security (Malware) is designed to provide the skills and knowledge applied to computers and networks.  In this course you will learn the most important aspects of IT Security. The field covers all the processes and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. You will learn how Virus, worm, Trojan and backdoor based attacks are performed in a simulated/test environment in an ethical way. This course will help you to mitigate these attacks using the recommended solution at the end of relevant module.

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