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Become a Child Care Assistant

Examine the growth, nutritional needs and healthcare of children from newborn babies right through to early childhood. Recognise what is meant by normal growth, congenital abnormalities and how to vaccinate against preventable diseases. Gain also an understanding of the management of their social and developmental behaviour and consider the emerging importance of children and youth moral power.

Specialise in caring for the very young

Learn the three modes of management concerned with children’s social behaviour and training

Develop a child’s moral power

Health Care Assistant Course (Children)

Children are the future, and as such, they need to be taken care of. A young child doesn’t always know what is best for them or what is actually happening to them. That is why taking care of their health is so important, and with the help of this Health Care Assistant Course (Children) , you will be able to do so.

This is an extensive course and starts out by giving you an introduction to children health as you learn about disease patterns across different age and mortality rates in different stages. Next, you will focus on the procedure to take patient history and physical examination before moving onto essential care for hospitalized children.

Diploma in Child Psychology

Monitoring the capacities of each phase in a child’s developing life is imperative. Permitting and urging a child to express his or her inclination uninhibitedly is one method for educating a child how to adapt to situations. It is very easy to have the capacity to accommodate the essential necessities of a child like food, sustenance, garments, and others. However, with regards to giving the supporting component in a child’s life somewhat more ideas and vitality should be worked out. There are some broad rules that can and ought to be taken to guarantee the passionate well-being advancement of a child. And this course will address these concerns.This course will teach you various aspects of child’s psychology and give the students a thorough understanding of each elements.

Children’s Social Behaviour Training & Management Course

In this course, you will be learning the important modes of management and what are the gentle measures for children and youth development. You will learn the importance of authority and how gentle punishment is needed when disobedience occurs. You will also know the art of training the children and youth in this course. You will be taught about sympathy between the child with the parent and vice versa. You will also know the importance of encouragement and how it can help children’s developmental growth. You will also know how to answer children’s questions and curiosity. You will also be able to show gratitude and religious training to children that will help in their development.

Diploma in Child Moral Power Development

This course has been developed in response to the emerging importance of children and youth moral power development. The course will give the learner a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of development from the early year’s right through to adolescence. This course will be of great interest to health, care or development of children and how their child moral power. The Infant System is an important concept that should be discussed thoroughly.

Autism & Children’s Mental Health Course

Autism is a mental health condition that is usually present from early childhood. The indication of having one is when a child is struggling to communicate with other people or using language in the same level with children their age. To determine if a child is suffering from it, you need to know what autism is and how to detect it. If you are curious about autism or dealing with someone who is suffering from it, then learning about mental health conditions might help you. This course will provide you lessons on autism and children’s mental health comprehensively.

Aspergers Child Psychology Diploma

This course will give you comprehensive lessons of what autism is and digs into a large portion of the related issues related to it, especially related to Aspergers Syndrome. This will give you the knowledge of the different methods for creating suitable support for people who suffer from this, as portrayed by mentally unbalanced people themselves.  You will also look into some of the specific cognitive contrasts and experiences with autism and Asperger Syndrome.

Measurable issues are analysed and also explanations are provided to why people might be powerless in many ways and how the danger of defencelessness may be decreased through learning about it.

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